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April 9th - 10th 
Nordic AI in Media Summit 2024

The Nordic AI in Media Summit 2024 marks another pivotal year in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within the media world. Following last year's successful event, industry professionals will once again convene to explore the ever-expanding role of AI in the media landscape. 


A special focus this year is on the recent breakthroughs in generative AI, which are now making a significant impact in newsrooms. This development has not only transformed the way content is produced and distributed, but also raised new questions about ethics, quality, and regulation in the media industry. The summit will showcase new examples of AI that are currently creating value, reflecting on the experiences and challenges that newsrooms have encountered over the past year.


Together with experts from the Nordics and internationally, we will delve into the potential of AI and discuss how to ensure healthy norms for AI in the news industry. Participants will have ample opportunities to interact with speakers and colleagues through question-and-answer sessions, workshops, and a networking dinner for all attendees on the first day.

Time and place

The summit spans a day and a half from April 9th (13 pm) to April 10th (5 pm) and takes place at PRESSEN (JP/Politikens Hus) by the central square in Copenhagen. 


The program for the Nordic AI in Media Summit is developed by Platform Intelligence in News project (PIN) and the Nordic AI Journalism network, while Ekstra Bladet in JP/Politikens Hus hosts the event.


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Announced speakers

Here is a list of the speakers and companies you can look forward to seeing at The Nordic AI in Media Summit 2024

Professor at University of Amsterdam

Natali Helberger

Besides being a distinguished professor, Natali is the co-founder of AI, Media, and Democracy Lab and Head of Research for Human(e) AI.

Natali Helberger.jpg
Felix Simon[36].jpg

Communication Researcher at Oxford Internet Institute

Felix M. Simon

Felix is a journalist turned communication researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) where he researches the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and Generative AI for the news and journalism.

NPO Ezra Eeman[35].jpg

Strategy & Innovation Director at NPO

Ezra Eeman

Ezra is responsible for leading the NPO strategy and innovation department. Furthermore, he inspires the industry through the newsletter WayFinder - amongst many other ways.

Melissa Heikkilä[61].jpg

Senior Reporter for AI at MIT Technology Review

Melissa is a senior reporter at MIT Technology Review, where she covers artificial intelligence and how it is changing our society. Forbes named her as one of its 30 under 30 in European media in 2020.


Journalist and AI-Editor at Aftonbladet

Elin Wieslander

Elin Wieslander is a journalist and a member of Aftonbladet's AI Hub, a pioneering initiative in the realm of journalism and technology.


martin schori_edited_edited.jpg

Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Responsible Publisher

Martin Schori

Martin Schori is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Responsible Publisher at Aftonbladet, and a member of Aftonbladet AI Hub.



Digital Editor at Swedish Radio’s local channel P4 Blekinge

Kalle Kovacs

Kalle Kovacs is Digital Editor at Swedish Radio’s local channel P4 Blekinge. He has succeeded in increased creativity in local journalism with the use of generative AI and prompting.

Foto Jonathan Damslund_edited.jpg

Generative AI Product Manager at JP/Politikens Hus

Tore G. C. Rich

Tore G. C. Rich serves as the Generative AI Product Manager at JP/Politikens Hus, where he plays a pivotal role in the development of MAGNA, a suite of editorial tools based on generative AI.


Skærmbillede 2024-03-15 kl. 13.34.15.png

Journalist at HD-Sydsvenskan

Inas Hamdan

Inas Hamdan is an investigative journalist focusing on desinformation & honor culture. She will tell us about her award-winning work on using AI to investigate how Al Jazeera systematically spread misinformation about Sweden.


Masaaba Egede.jpg

CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Mediehuset Sermitsiaq.AG

Masaana Egede

Masaana Egede is CEO at Sermitsiaq.AG. Together with Lars Damgaard Nielsen he will talk about their shared work on a translation LLM which solves challenges both in the newsroom and for the Greenlandic society at large.



Digital Project Manager & OSINT Journalist at DR

Aida Kokanovic

Aida Kokanovic is Digital Project Manager & OSINT Journalist at DR – Danmarks Radio. At NAMS she will share insights from her work pairing OSINT and AI methodologies in journalism, and demo some of the tools she has built and/or uses.



Co-founder and CEO of MediaCatch

Lars Damgaard Nielsen

Lars Damgaard Nielsen is the Co-founder and CEO of MediaCatch. Together with Masaana Egede he will talk about their shared work on a translation LLM which solves challenges both in the newsroom and for the Greenlandic society at large.


Anne Lindholm.png

Journalist and podcaster, Aftenposten

Anne Lindholm

Journalist and podcaster Anne Lindholm will share her thoughts on what it feels like being the (synthetic) voice of Aftenposten.



Senior Product Manager, Aftenposten

Lena Beate Hamborg Pedersen

Lena Beate Hamborg Pedersen has developed the approach to creating synthetic voices which is now being implemented across many of Shibsted’s new brands.


tove-myllari-1-square (2).png

AI Innovation Lead, Yle

Tove Mylläri

Tove Mylläri is an award winning tech-professional, working as the AI Innovation Lead at Yle - Finnish Broadcasting Company. At NAMS she will share exciting case studies from Yle where synthetic voices are used to deliver new journalistic formats.


Benjamin Podimo.png

Director of AI at Podimo, PhD in Computer Science

Benjamin Belmudez Biering

Benjamin B. Biering has developed a novel take on podcast search on the Podimo platform creating an entirely new user experience.



Data Scientist, Schibsted

Jacob Welander

Jacob Wilander will together with Martine Torp Lund share the substantial developments in Schibsted’s platform for news personalisation (Curate) from the past year.



Head of Product and UX, Schibsted

Martine Torp Lund

Martine Torp Lund is responsible for all SPP's (Shared products and plaforms) seven central product teams and our UXers. 


Lasse Funder.jpg

Head of AI, DR

Lasse Funder

Lasse Funder Andersen will be sharing DR - Danmarks Radio's - work with automatic production of metadata for news content which include experiments with GPT4 and fine tuning of GPT3.5.


David Caswell.jpg

Founder of StoryFlow

David Caswell

David Caswell, Application Architect for AI in News Products & Workflows, has curated the session 'Implementing AI at small, medium, and large publishers' at NAMS24 focusing on the practical application of artificial intelligence across publishing sizes.


Nick Diakopoulos.jpeg

Professor at Northwestern University

Nicholas Diakopoulos

Nicholas Diakopoulos' research is broadly oriented around topics related to Computational Journalism with active research projects on AI, automation, and algorithms in news production and distribution. 



Head of Editorial AI at Newsquest

Jody Doherty-Cove 

Jody Doherty-Cove is responsible for overseeing the safe introduction of AI in the publisher’s 150+ newsrooms and leads a growing team of ‘AI-assisted’ journalists at Newsquest. 


Skærmbillede 2024-04-01 kl. 13.15.32.png

Communications Officer

Lily Mafi

Zamaneh Media is an independent media organization that operates in the Persian language, based in exile in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With a primary focus on Iran, their team is dedicated to elevate underrepresented voices.


Skærmbillede 2024-04-01 kl. 13.28.35.png

Deputy Chief Editor

Sultan Suleimanov

Meduza is a Russian- and English-language independent news website, headquartered in Riga, Latvia. 



 Professor Emeritus, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

Jeff Jarvis

Following his testimony in the US Senate, Jeff Jarvis will discuss differences in AI attitudes in the Nordic and American media landscape.


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