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An industry network for collaborative exploration of AI in journalism.

We seek to contribute to responsible use and development of AI technologies in the journalism field by sharing learnings with each other.

Through open and creative peer-to-peer conversations, our aim is to grow Nordic excellence in AI journalism and, ultimately, provide media consumers with more relevant and trustworthy services.

People in this network are....

Actively engaged in the evolution of AI in journalism

Part of a media company or other relevant organisation operating in the Nordic region

Willing to share experiences with industry peers to grow common knowledge

Supporters of free and independent journalism with high ethical and editorial standards


Ethics of Automation


Andreas Marckmann Andreassen hosted an interactive session based on his recent research project and book, including an ethical charter for automated journalism.


Explorative Cases


Schibsted shared insight into an explorative NLG project, highlighting how AI brings new dilemmas related to editorial values.




BBC News Labs shared insights from the work with personalized news experiences.

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Industrial Research 

Ekstrabladet explained

 the Platform Intelligence in News (PIN) project, including novel work on the named entity recognition model NERDA.

Example Sessions

We share diverse work and topics with each other in this network. Past sessions have covered areas such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the network?


If you consider the above description to apply to you and your organisation, you are more than welcome to reach out. 

When and how do you meet?

Our sessions typically center around a case study. We meet (virtually)  bi-monthly for hourlong sessions.

Who's in the network?


We are currently about 350 people from 45+ media organisations across the Nordics, including editorial, technical and strategic roles. 

Is there a fee to join?

No! The network is driven by peer engagement. It's managed by co-founders Agnes Stenbom and Olle Zachrison.

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